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How do I write a description for my project?
How do I write a description for my project?

Tell your contributors what your project is about.

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Whenever you start a new project, you’ll be asked to provide a brief description of it. It's optional, but we HIGHLY recommend it.  This description will give your contributors an idea of what the book is about, who it's intended for, and the type of the content the project organizer (in this case, you!) would like to have included.

This description will not be included in the final copy of your book, so don’t worry about channeling your inner Shakespeare. Two or three sentences describing what you envision the final product to be is often enough to get people started.

To be as clear as possible, try to answer as many of the following questions as you can:

  • What’s the occasion? An upcoming birthday or anniversary, or perhaps an impending graduation or retirement?

  • For whom is the book intended? A beloved spouse, a revered parent, a dear friend, a happy couple, etc.?

  • Is the book supposed to be a surprise⁠—i.e., does everyone need to keep it on the down-low?

  • What kind of content are you wanting to include? Photos, favorite memories, silly stories, advice, words of wisdom or encouragement, etc.?

  • Do you have a time frame in mind? If you want to surprise someone with a Weeva book on a specific date (a birthday or an anniversary, for example), it’s best to mention this from the get-go to give your friends and family a deadline to add their photos and stories to your book. 

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