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How do I invite people to contribute to my book?
How do I invite people to contribute to my book?

Everything you need to know about inviting others to your project

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Weeva excels at collaborative storytelling. "Many hands makes light work," you might say. When people work together to write the stories and add the photos for a book, amazing results are easily achievable. So we’ve made it easy to invite your friends, family members, or coworkers to contribute to your book. 

To send an invitation to someone you know, simply click "Project Menu" in the upper left corner of the screen and then select “Invite Others” from the drop-down menu.

There are two different options for sending invitations to your project:

  • Email Invites: Use the provided form to enter email addresses and a message to go with the invitation. You can enter up to 20 at one time, but you are free to send as many invites as you like. This is the most secure way to invite people to your book. Invites sent this way are one-time-use: that means that each recipient will get a unique, one-time pass to join your project. If they forward it to someone else, it will not work.

  • Direct Link: This will show you a special link that you can send to anyone however you like: by email, text message, or any other method. If the recipient clicks this link, they will be able to join your project. BE CAREFUL WITH HOW YOU USE THIS. This link can be passed from person to person, granting anyone who clicks it permission to join your project.

You can view the status of your invites to see who's accepted and who hasn't. Not everyone keeps up with social media or checks their email account daily, so choose whichever option will allow you to reach the most people. Feel free to mix and match! 

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