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How do I start an entry?

Start adding your stories and pictures.

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To add an entry, simply click "add stories and photos" next to the green plus sign at the top of the page.

Next, you'll decide whether you'd like to start an entry or create a photo album. If you have four or more photos with accompanying short captions, you'll want to create an album. However, if you have a longer story to add and three photos or fewer, you'll want to start a new entry.

From there, you'll be taken a draft entry where you can write your story, upload and edit photos, add captions, and select the chapter to place your entry in.

Be sure to hit the green button labeled “Publish Entry” when you’re done! Otherwise, it will not be visible to others or be added to the final book. If you'd like to save your passage as a draft and finish it later, click "save & close" at the top of the page. You can locate the saved draft under the "My Content" tab.

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