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How do I upload my photos?

Instructions for adding pictures to an entry.

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To add a photo to an entry, simply click the purple box next to the text editor labeled "add pictures."

From here, an upload box will appear. You can add up to three photos at a time to an entry and can upload photos from your device, from Instagram, or from Facebook. If you'd like to add pictures from Instagram or Facebook, you'll need to authenticate your account and authorize Weeva to access your files first.
To upload photos from Facebook or Instagram, click the computer symbol in the upper left corner of the upload box and select the desired location from the drop-down menu, like so:

Once you've selected the photos you'd like to upload, you'll be shown a list of the files and given the option to edit, remove, or add more (if you've selected less than two photos).

You can add up to three photos at a time, so you’ll have a to start a new entry or create a photo album if you have more than three photos to upload. Feel free to add funny stories or captions, and remember to hit "upload" when you're done!


Only JPEG and PNG files between 1-10 MB can be uploaded. Learn more about image size restrictions.

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