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What's the difference between a project and a book?
What's the difference between a project and a book?

The online projects vs. the printed book

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Because Weeva takes a different approach to helping you create a book, we should clarify the distinction between a "project" on, and a book made by Weeva.

Simply put, the project is the online experience you have at It's the organizing, writing, and picture uploading that you do together with others you've invited. Projects have titles, subtitles, and descriptions, all of which are intended to help you communicate the nature of the project to the people you invite.  

A Weeva Book is the physical, printed book that is created from all the stories and pictures in your project. After creating your project on, inviting others to participate, writing stories and adding pictures together...When your project is done and you have everything you want to be printed in a book, then you order a book to be made using all the stories and pictures from your project.  

Sometimes, things like "the title of your project" and "the title of your book" are used interchangeably. For example, when you first sign up to create your first Weeva project, we ask you for a "book title" not a "project title" even though "project title" is what we really mean. We do this because at that moment, for first-time users of Weeva, most people are really thinking about the book they want in the future, not the project they're starting now to work towards making that book a reality.  

Hopefully this helps you understand the relationship between the project you create on and the book it will ultimately become. If you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team and ask!

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