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Can I edit everyone’s content?

Editorial control in your Weeva project.

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You can't edit any entries except your own, but you do have some tools for moderation and organization at your disposal:

  • You can edit any chapter title.

  • You can change the status of any chapter to make it locked or hidden.

  • You can move any entry from one chapter to another.

  • You can delete comments.

Additionally, you can't re-write entries and comments created by others. This restriction helps prevent accidentally editing or deleting content written by others that is not recoverable.

If you notice something you’d like to be changed before sending to print, you can comment on the entry and leave a note for our editors, reach out to the person who wrote it and ask them to change it, or contact our customer support team directly for more help.

If you believe that tight editorial control is required for you project and you would like to have access to moderating features within Weeva, reach out to our customer support team. We can grant editorial rights to project organizers on a case-by-case basis.

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