At Weeva, we want everyone to be able to contribute, regardless of their age or technological capabilities. So far, we've had contributors as young as three and as old as ninety! Some options to help your tech-resistant loved ones contribute include: 

  • Pairing them up with someone a bit more tech-savvy to help them set up an account and learn how to use Weeva.

  • Having them email you their story and then copy-and-pasting the text to the site using your account, making sure to leave a note for the design team to change the attribution.

  • Having them tell their story in whichever medium is easiest for them. If someone prefers hand writing their stories, you can scan or take a photo of it.  If one of your contributors, for example, prefers oral storytelling, you can record their contributions to an audio or video file.  You can either transcribe these files yourself or use our transcription services (for an extra fee).

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