How do I write a great invite?

A good, clear invitation will help others to join your project

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Writing a great invitation is a lot like writing a great description. You want to give your potential contributors an idea of what the project is about and what you’d like from them—just in fewer words. Examples of great invites include:

Ssssh! We’re making a book for Nana’s 90th birthday and need your help (and your secrecy)! We are collecting stories, photos, and memories of Beatrice from the people who love her most to compile into a book. Accept the invitation and get started sharing your stories! The submission deadline is July 1 (two months from today), so take your time and add as much you’d like. We can’t wait to hear from you!

AJ is graduating from law school! To document his lengthy and well-traveled academic career that included no less than three changed majors and four semesters abroad, he’s putting together a book filled with memories and photos from the people who shared those incredible eight years with him. If you’ve been invited, he wants to hear from you, so start thinking of your favorite AJ memories! The deadline to add your content is May 1 (two weeks from today), so add your stories and pictures soon!

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