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How do I get people to add awesome stories?
How do I get people to add awesome stories?

Here are some great thought starters.

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Sometimes knowing where to begin is the most difficult part of telling a story. Keep this in mind when setting your book up and inviting your family and friends to add to it. To give them an idea of where to start and the type of content to add, and be the first one to post. 

We'll provide you with a few chapters when you first set up your book to help you get started. If you like them, you can begin adding content immediately. If you have something else in mind, you can edit the chapter titles or delete them and create your own.

Some good thought-starters for chapters include:

  • For anniversaries: What is your favorite thing about the couple? What has their relationship taught you about love and relationships over the years? Do you have any congratulations or well-wishes to offer?

  • For birthdays: What is your favorite memory with the birthday boy or girl? Favorite photo? What is one word you would use to describe him or her? Be sure to create a chapter for happy birthday wishes!

  • For families: Are there any family traditions that are especially dear to you? What are you favorite family recipes? Favorite family memories? How much do you know about your genealogy?

  • For graduations: Did you have any classes or extracurricular activities with the graduate? Which ones? What are some favorite memories you have from these times? What advice can you offer the graduate as they move onto the next phase in life?

  • For memorials: Did the deceased ever offer you any life-changing advice? How has that advice changed you and the trajectory of your life? What is your first or most treasured memory with him or her?

  • For weddings: What is your favorite thing about the couple? What are your earliest memories of them as a couple and as individuals? What did you initially think of their relationship? Can you offer them any advice for married life?

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