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What's the difference between public and private projects?
What's the difference between public and private projects?

Learn more about who can access a Weeva project.

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Weeva projects may be run as private projects or public projects.

Private: This is the default status. People invited by the project starter (or others in the group) may see the content and add to it. These books are controlled by the project starter, who may decide to publish one or more copies of the book and to offer it for sale to members of the group. 

If you are a contributor, you are in no way obligated to buy a book. In addition, if the book is offered for sale to the group, you do not have to be a contributor to buy a copy, but you should be a member of the group or closely related (e.g. when a parent buys a copy of a school book for a child).

Privately Collected, Publicly Sold: The project starter invites people to contribute on an invite-only basis, with the intention that the book will ultimately be offered for public sale. These projects are marked with a "Privately Curated, Public Sales" label.

Public: The general public can access and add content to the book.  Members of the general public may also purchase a copy of the resulting book. The label will read, "This is a Public Project. Anyone may add content and/or purchase a copy of the book."

If you'd like to change the status of your project, reach out to our customer support team and we can change the status from our admin panel.

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